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New site. [14 Jul 2009|08:44pm]

BlameNai.com officially belongs to Nai again. I've moved to my own domain, KatsSketchbook.com, and won't be updating here anymore.

[06 Apr 2008|03:42am]

Three new pictures up in the misc art section. I know the spacing is messed up. I'll fix it later when I'm not as tired. I have a huge pile of art related things to complete, which I'll try to get through this month. It's amazing how much that drawing class zapped my will to draw. (Then again, I WAS spending close to five hours on each picture.) That class is over, now, so I'm free to work on other things again.

[04 Mar 2008|02:14pm]

More pictures have been added to the misc art section. There's a Blame Nai comic in the works, but it'll take me some time to finish it. I should have a break coming up pretty soon.

[18 Feb 2008|11:27pm]

Okay. The Miscellaneous comic section is back up. The AToF comic link is still dead and will probably remain so for a while.

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